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Evander Holyfield, five time world Heavy Weight Boxing Champion, was the keynote speaker The Sage event Photo by Edison W.

The 3rd Annual Sage Foundation Awards

Evander Holyfield, five time world Heavy Weight Boxing Champion, was the keynote speaker. The Sage event was the kick off night of his four day visit to Vancouver to unveil his anti-bullying campaign in Canada.

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Relentless Charismatic Leader of the 21st Century President Barack OBAMA -TheAfroNews

The best is yet to come

The President’s personal leadership style is that of self discipline and a commitment to positive self-belief of having confidence that he can succeed by staying true to his ethics, remaining optimistic even when the odds aren’t great and by not letting fear of failure get him down. He believes that the brightest days are still ahead.

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Africa Old Leadership, New Leadership

Old Leadership, New Leadership

African leadership, being heavily over burdened and scatterbrained, is part of the Old Leadership. For the past 50 years, Africa has been sorting itself up into categories of Old Leadership and New Leadership.

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Developing Cross-Cultural Leadership for the African Diaspora

By Frank T. Scruggs:  The Afro News International The African Diaspora has many issues that are not unique to one faction. A large number of African people sometimes think that the problems of the entire African Diaspora are a responsibility and a universal obligation. In many cases this holds true but effective leadership locally is […]

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SAGE Foundation

Dear Readers and Community Members, Dreams I have for this community and the values that will make them come true have come together in a new not for profit foundation. Established in 2007 it is now ready to being its public tour of duty. The SAGE Foundation’s guiding principle is the recognition of excellence in […]

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  • European Commission proposes new rules to boost shareholder power and control executive pay in the latest Brussels move over remuneration
  • US Senate Republicans block a Democratic bill aimed @ closing the gap between what men&women are paid dismissing it as an election year ploy
  • Organisers of 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro respond to criticism about construction work delays saying they will deliver great Games
  • China's exports and imports fell sharply in March, figures show, adding to recent signs of weakness in the world's second-largest economy.
  • At least 30 people are killed and 10 wounded in fighting between rival sectarian militias in the Central African Republic, police say.
  • US and Russia agree on the need to find a peaceful solution to the crisis over occupied government buildings in east Ukraine officials say

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