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Dana Gourrier Head Turner !


Dana Michelle Gourrier photo source Times-Picayune

Dana Michelle Gourrier photo source Times-Picayune

By Robert Waldman : It’s not often an actor can appear in two movies at the same. Lucky viewers get to watch up and comer Dana Michelle Gourrier in two of this or any season’s hottest flicks.

Fresh off her triumphant work in Quentin Tarrantino’s spectacular Django Unchained our talented miss is now working opposite Russell Crowe and Mark Wahlberg in the political police thriller Broken City. Not bad for this brown eyed brown haired beauty who is starting to make waves in Tinseltown and on film screens everywhere.

Acting schools and learning her craft have been at for forefront of Ms. Gourrier’s success. A life long learner she won a coveted and prestigious fine arts degree at the California Institute of the Arts in 2010 and has parlayed this experience into a burgeoning career. Whether it’s doing voiceovers or commercials nothing is too big or too small to this quick witted sharp as a hawk thespian.

Being pretty and being athletic can help in appealing to both producers and casting agents. Among some of the notable specialties in our subject’s large repertoire include an ability to duke it out through well-developed techniques in boxing and the martial arts. Calls for different dialects also are up this girls’ alley with an ease to converse in Spanish, Puerto Rican, Southern drawls, Brooklyn lingo as well as festive Jamaican flavour. No wonder it’s easy to cast this woman in a variety of ethnic personas stemming from her actual background which is mixed Afro-American and Creole.

Expect to see more much more from Dana Gourrier who star will only shine brighter as more major directors note her considerable talents.


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